There are a few different laws here which are enforced by the Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) who also license the dive centres on the island. We’ll save you the trouble of reading the whole document and summerise the main points below that apply to visiting divers.

  • Everyone needs to complete the dive medical self certification form or present a current (done within one year) diving medical.
  • If there is a yes answer on the medical form you need to have medical examination by our local diving doctor who will either allow you to dive or not. We can arrange this for €50 .
  • I am more than happy to e-mail my customers a copy of the self cert medical form and advise you if certain medical conditions are likely to prohibit you from diving, or at least point you in the right direction. Alternatively, download the Self Certification Medical Form here:
  • Those with PADI Open Water or BSAC Ocean Diver or equivalent are not considered independent divers here and will need to be accompanied by an instructor at all times.
  • This is regardless of how many dives you have completed or what kind of conditions you have experienced.
  • You will need to be under our instruction while you dive with us, apparently divemasters are not up to the task in the eyes of the MTA. On the bright side I guess you get free lessons and on the down side you cannot go off and dive independently here with anything other than a MTA registered instructor who is keeping you under his instruction.
  • We can register instructors with us, you need a full instructor medical (we can do this locally for €50) and insurance as you will be held responsible for those in your care.
  • To dive with us you also need to fill in the standard PADI paperwork, such as the Liability release and Assumption of risk and also the Standard Save Diving Practices forms.
  • On our guided dives we will always have a risk assessment, emergency assistance plan, dive log, first aid kit, oxygen and a mobile phone for contacting the emergency services to name of few things.


The rest is pretty straight forward, if you are qualified divers then please remember your log books and certification card. We can look PADI qualifications on-line for most areas but there is nothing I can do for the other agencies. If you have no qualification or proof of qualification then there are always try dives or courses.