Our Holidays for Divers offer fantastic value, flexibility, and lots of great diving for divers of all levels.  

Download the self-certification medical and COVID 19 form ​here. If you have any ‘yes’ answers then a doctor will need to sign your form before you can dive.

Learn to Dive Holiday

Learn to dive with us the easy way with our PADI Open Water Diving Course Holiday. Our beautiful, warm and inviting waters provide both a safe and exciting environment in which to learn to dive.

Enjoy your lunch breaks, sitting in the sun at local restaurants between your theory and skills dives.

Experience the beauty of the underwater world from your very first dive.

Our unique Learn to Dive Holiday package includes everything you need to have a fantastic adventure holiday and to come away with a diving qualification. 

Padi Open Water Course - giving the OK sign

We run our PADI scuba diving courses to the highest possible standards to make sure you truly master every skill. Unlike some other centres we do not charge for extra lessons.

*If you have booked as a group, and do not complete it as a group, the discount will no longer apply.

*If you have not bought the manuals from us PADI charge us an extra 40euros for the PIC certification and we have to pass this cost on to you, sorry, we think it’s unfair too, but PADI make the rules. So please buy the manuals, digital manuals or e-learning from us and aviod the extra fee. 

*If you fail to complete the PADI course on your holiday, we give you up to one year to come back and we offer to complete the course at no extra cost.

The PADI Open Water Diving qualification is your real recreational diving qualification. It enables you to dive down to 18 metres with a buddy and opens up a completely different world.

Don’t be surprised if you want to continue with your diving education once you’ve completed your Open Water certification. It’s a beautiful world down there with it’s incredible sea life, caverns, caves and wrecks to explore, the sheer beauty of it all will amaze you.

PADI eLearning enables you to start the classroom session straight away in the comfort of your own home.


Leaving your holiday time to enjoy learning to dive. ​


Not included is;PADI Standards require you to have a manual, we can supply a digital one for €45 or a paper one for €50. or e-learning direct from us is 75euros.

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Tuna underwater

PADI Open Water Diver Course is suitable for anyone over 10 years old or older.

You need adequate swimming skills and need to be in good physical health.

No prior experience with scuba diving is required.


You’ll need to complete


-5 knowledge development sessions so that you understand the basic principles of scuba diving.

-5 confined water sessions (conducted in calm waters) for you to practice and learn basic scuba skills.

-4 open water dives to demonstrate your skills and explore.

Learn to Dive Holiday Prices

​Just add either €55 for a digital manual or €65 for the e-learning touch program

 1 person2 People
(€ per person)
4 People
(€ per person)
November to March€470€399€349
April to October€589€499€419