Frequently asked Questions

Do I need my own Fins?

Please make sure that if you are using your own fins that you have a strong soled boot and open-heeled fins. Although i have developed a good technique for carrying people’s flip-flops with me while diving, it’s probably still best to avoid bringing full-foot fins.

What's a Certification Card?

If you are not a PADI diver, we will not be able to look up your credentials online so please bring your cert cards and log books.

Do I need Insurance?

For visitors coming from within the EU please remember to bring your European Health Insurance Card which is the replacement for the E111 in the UK. If you are coming from outside the EU, please make sure that you have insurance.

Do I need to go for a Medical before my dive?

If you have a current diving medical, please bring a copy as if you have a yes answer on the self-certification form this will save you money and a visit from our diving doctor.

Please print and fill in the dive Medical Form. If you need to see a diving doctor, then we can arrange it for €40. ​

What about the Temperature underwater? Do I need to buy a Dive suit?

We recommend a dry suit or minimum 7 mm suit and hood from December until the end of April. You will certainly need a coat and long trousers for the night time. If you are using a semi-dry or wetsuit, it’s best to also bring a windcheater or waterproof coat to stop the windchill between the dives.

Once May has arrived the temperatures are picking up and I am happy in a 7 mm wetsuit and it is normally warm enough when you are out not to get chilled between dives. It’s still advisable to bring a fleece for the night time.

I typically wear a 5mm suit from July to the end of September although people who are used to colder weather often use a 3 mm suit. October is one of my favourite months it is not too hot when we are suited up and the water is still nice and warm. By mid November it can get a bit chilly between dives if its cloudy or a bit windy and I’m certainly reaching for my semi-dry or drysuit, not because the water is too cold – just to avoid the wind chill between dives. A coat and long trousers are best for the night and some days too, although we have has the odd day in shorts and t-shirts in December.

What's the weather in Malta like?

Malta temperature by month

What Payment do you accept?

Malta and Gozo are now in the Euro. There is a cashpoint next door to our shop for those who have not brought enough euros out with them.

The rate that the cash point offers is better than what the banks offered us (4%) to accept cards so I’m afraid we accept cash only.

It’s a good idea to bring cash as most service providers have a surcharge (5%) for using credit cards.